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Do this most mornings, and so decided to post them here...

I go through the news rss feeds every morning, kind of like the 21st century answer to a newspaper, and decided to put a few of the links I found interesting here, for anyone who would like to read them.

Sick-out Closes over 50 Detroit schools

This one makes me think a bit, and wonder at the state of the Detroit school system. Seriously, which matters more, keeping your educators happy, or keeping your administrators happy? Seems to me they are putting the cart before the horse, and so the teachers did what little they could to protest the actions. That said, it is a result of the contract that was negotiated for them, so I suppose, the union has some things to answer for as well.

Bush presses Afghanistan on jailed Christian

But when a woman in the middle of South Carolina is experiencing terroristic attacks, with slaughtered animals, home breakins, and assault, because she is *not* Christian and expects that her government will still be accessable to her, and he doesn't give a rat's hindquarters! Hypocrit! "It is deeply troubling that a country we helped liberate would hold a person to account because he chose a different religion over another." Where was he in Great Falls? Where has he been while Christians run roughshod over Pagan and Heathen practices???

Grammar Revealed in the Love Songs of Whales

It isn't quite complex enough to actually be considered a true language, but it is a beginning. I wonder what the Fundi's think of this? It certainly lends support to us Animists and Panentheists, who say the Divine is in all things, and Humans are not unique in their intelligence...

MIT makes move toward vehicles that morph

This should certainly make for interesting developments in vehicle design over the next couple of decades...

Chinese scholar earns fellowship to explore race

I haven't decided what I think of this yet. I will have to wait and attempt to get ahold of the study to read. It does say some interesting things concerning European descended folks who have been talking about identity issues for their own children.

Irish Names not so Irish

We linguists could have told them this...
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