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Let it never be said that I have broken troth with the Gods of the Anglo-Saxons.

That put forward first, I have to admit, I find that while I've learned much from them, and have had a productive relationship with them, and likely will for the rest of my days, I am finding that there is much good in exploring other parts of my heritage.

And so I have begun my research into Celtic Reconstructionism in earnest. Heavens knows, the Druidic revival of the 18th and 19th centuries was loaded with nonsense, and the "Eclectic Wiccans" have wrecked havoc, but there is still good information out there.

Where I could never really find home among the Germanic Gods, even if there was always an affinity and productive relationship, there is something that simply speaks to me, in the lore surrounding the Irish and Welsh Gods, culture and custom.

Perhaps it is the odd blend of the two I can remember from my youth, with my one Grandmother being Pennsylvania Dutch, my Grandfather being a Welsh Bevan, and my Father's family being a strange blend of Swede, Scot-Irish, Lenape and Nanticoke.

In any case, that is as it is. In my journeys, I've found that much of Paganism is Fluffy, with ignorant Eclectics, that much of Germanic Heathenry is just as ignorant, and if not ignorant then arrogant, often filled with either snake-oil salesman willing to sell knowledge for the low, low price of $59.95, or men who would seek to expand their cult of personality to others. This is not to say that there are not good men and women in both. I've found honorable men in Paganism who can be depended upon, and stay within the circles of such for the simple reason of lack of alternative, and I've known Heathen men who are honorable and honest in all their dealings, accepting their borders and offering what help possible.

But the whole is what has spurred me on to re-invent the wheel. And as I've done so, I am coming closer and closer to home.
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