seeker_of_paths (seeker_of_paths) wrote,

For those of you offended by profanity, do not look behind the cut

$200 Digital Camera Screen Cracked...

The Damn thing survived the camping trip, the damn thing survived being dropped and lord knows what else. The god-damned thing took a licking and kept on ticking.

Until now.

The wife goes to use it today, and the screen is cracked all to hell. Destroyed.

I know I didn't break it.

I am fairly certain she didn't break it. If she had, she would have said so.

The 11 year old in the house denies all knowledge.

And yet the god damned, mother-fucking, pos camera, which cost $200 fucking dollars, is broken. It is useless without that damn screen. Every control, every indicator, every fucking thing with that damn camera is gone.

I can hook it up to the fucking tv, and use that as a giant screen, but that is about it. Gods damn it all to hell!

Of course, no one knows a fucking thing about how it got broken. Of course, "nobody" did it! Nobody *always* does whatever the fuck happens in this house!

I am disgusted by this, not only for the loss of property, but because whoever did it, was not honest about it.

God-damned camera...
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