seeker_of_paths (seeker_of_paths) wrote,

It is about time...

You know, in Mexico, there is no question as to the language "officially" spoken there. In Brazil, in China, in most nations of the world, there is absolutely no question as to the language of the nation.

But here in the United States, we had to take forever to finally get around to telling folks who immigrate here that they need to assimilate, and not attempt to change the national language of the United States, or demand that everything be in both languages, so as to not have not knowing the language be to their detriment.

Now, don't get me wrong. I fully support multi-lingualism. I personally know at least enough to ask for basic directions and the like, in 3 languages besides English.

I am working on learning a few dying languages, Gaelic and Cymric, on sheer principle, and for the effort of reading certain documents in the original.

But when I go to Germany, I don't expect that the Germans all speak English, or make everything bilingual for me. I learn German.

And the same goes for Italy, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, or Brazil. I take the time to learn the language, and the basic cultural mores, before I even go, as a matter of course.

Why should the United States have to fight to remain the bastard child of England, and continue to speak primarily English?

Bravo to the Senate on this one. It is about time.
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