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It has been a very long time...

I have corresponded with men I considered giants, holy men.

I have learned, relearned, forgotten, changed, accepted, rejected, and finally, disposed of, many things, at the encouragement of men I considered my betters.

I have used their example as my own, even if only in logic and reasoning.

Now, I have seen why I had very good reason for taking my family and myself into the woods, leaving, learning from other portions of what resulted in me, and forming a new, living theodisc geleafa for us, that is ours, not revived from the dead, not reconstructed, but reborn through ourselves, through what could easily be termed a blend of research, lore, learning to think in other languages other than Christianized Modern English, and what admittedly amounts to UPG, a necessity due to human subjectivity.

Recent events on many fronts are saddening. May the Gods watch over all.

Mayhap, other encouraging developments denote a different breeze flowing through Eormensul?

Robert Seeker-After-Patterns
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