seeker_of_paths (seeker_of_paths) wrote,

If I'm going to use this thing again...

...I might as well go ahead with the most interesting meme I've seen as of late.

Ten Things
Viked from Ermund:

"List 10 true facts about yourself that you don't think people know about you."

• My favorite artists are Manet and Van Gogh.

• When I had two of my wisdom teeth removed, they had to break my jaw, and there is still a piece missing.

• Dragon's Blood is my incense of choice.

• I plan to retire to either far in the Northeast of North America or the Northwest of Great Britain.

• I cannot digest anything apple-based properly (Okay, so my wife is very well aware of this fact, but that is neither here nor there).

• My favorite Shakespeare work is MacBeth. My second favorite is A Mid-summer's Night's Dream.

• I've never used any name other than my given name, which has been in my family for atleast 7 generations.

• I am a descendant of both Anglo-Saxon and Welsh nobles.

• I cannot stand the smell and taste of Bailey's Irish Creme due to an unfortunate night in my early 20's.

• The antler that is bound to the head of my staff was a gift from the lands I lived on at the time.
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