seeker_of_paths (seeker_of_paths) wrote,

Here we are again...

It's been a while...

Truthfully, life has been interesting to say the least. Some ties have been cut. Men proved themselves to be less than honest. While I am not overly concerned with treatment of the uttangearde, beyond simple reputation, the innangearde is another matter. To steal is to betray...

But enough.

Other notes, picked up a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid, and highly recommend them, taken to reading the Havamal again, along with some Welsh Triads, and found it highly edifying, been accepted for graduate work and will soon finish my bachelors and be on to my masters(First in Education, then in English while teaching so as to lay the ground work for a PhD). Eldest daughter is doing well, and will be in high school soon, tailoring her education to go into marine biology, and the other two little ones are growing like weeds, and it won't be long before they are in school themselves.

My bride thrives, as is her way, and all is well there. We recently returned to the sea for a week or two, and I must say, it has been recently as the first nights we spent together. Not that it isn't always a joy to be complimented so well, but it seems more obvious in recent days.

In all our house does well, and recently having fained Eostre, and also with other positive portents, it would seem that the gods are good allies.

Such is as it is, off to finish a bit of writing before bed...
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