seeker_of_paths (seeker_of_paths) wrote,

An outlet seemed appropriate

I haven't posted on this journal in almost 5 years. In reading over the last few posts before I moved on, I have much to reflect on in respect to how my views have evolved and stabilized over time. What and where may become apparent over time.

There are various reasons for this.... That might or might not be apparent over time.

We relocated much further north at this time, and we've been thriving. With that said, it has not been without its trials. Mania and depression have moved in their own inconvenient cycles, as we've sought out financing for our house, I've sought employment, and as we've put together a multi-generational household. 

This journal, which has often been used as a sounding board and a place to just kind of voice thoughts, is going to be re-purposed as a place for me to excise and separate out those demons, corner them, and take them down. 

More later.... 
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