seeker_of_paths (seeker_of_paths) wrote,


You know, I've said before, and I will say again, population growth is *not* a good thing. And what is worse, and this may sound very racially motivated, but the worst offenders I see are those of "minorities."

Personally, I intend to replace myself in the gene pool, my wife replace herself, and let it go at that. I have no intention of being a part of the over-populating of the planet.

"But there is still plenty of room..."

Room for who? Without the complete ecosystem, we all die.

What really disgusts me, is many will read this article above, and not change a blasted thing they do. Corporations will still seek profit, even at the expense of the continued viability of the planet, and not a single person, from the CEO to the consumer, will care. Until the ecosystem collapses... Until population growth begins to remove individual freedoms... Until they are starving or breathing through filters, or have to filter all the water they drink...

I could say, hopefully I will be long dead before it becomes an issue... but what of my children? Their children?

One day, we will control population, restrict folks to having no more than two children total, and still be eligable for government services or something, something to restrict population growth, and then we can actually control what business does to natural resources...

At least, if the human race can be cured of its insanity anyway...

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